Heritage club

Creating an awareness on the need of preserving the culture and heritage of our country serve as a backdrop to this endeavour . The club aims at fostering of art forms like Oppana , Thiruvathira, Kolkali etc. The above mentioned art forms are taught and trained by experts in the field. The students present them in the House Fest, Youth fest and state level competitions. A group of students did a PowerPoint presentation about different cultures, crafts, music, food, dress code etc. Students are taken to heritage sites to more about the culture and lifestyle of different people.


Eco Club

The eco club aims at promoting more accountability towards the environment and thereby our preserving Mother Earth. Being sensitive to the total environment and its allied problem, building attitudes in order to acquire a set of values and feelings of concern to the environment, motivating active participation in environmental improvement are some of its objectives.

Health and wellness club

The need to develop and maintaining a healthy physique, a matter of serious concern, is the prime aim behind the formation of Health and Wellness club. Sedentary life spoils one’s physical and mental health. To inculcate healthy habit in children regular classes are conducted on Yoga, drills etc. Classes by faculties from the multispecialty hospital MIMS were conducted. The medical staff made the students aware on the importance of health related issues like heart problems, the first aid to be given to a heart patient and treatment to be undertaken for the same.

Integrity club

Sensitizing students on the importance of upholding high moral values and skills is the main aim behind this club. Counselling classes are conducted to bring in a sense of self esteem and self respect in students. A full time counsellor is also made available to the students.

Reading club

With the aim of fostering reading habits among students and to update their knowledge, reading club was started. The club commemorates the birthday of eminent writers. Moreover, newspaper quiz and book review competitions are organized. Book exhibition was conducted by Grand Books.