TKM Kindergarten

T.K.M. Kindergarten

T.K.M. Kindergarten, the aesthetically designed, in a myriad-hued ambience of an acre offers the best possible education for your child. The infrastructure is built with convenience. Since its inception in 1997 the Kindergarten has been progressing as a full fledged wing. Every year nearly 500 students are guided into a sphere of learning. This institution gives importance to the overall development of the students.

A plethora of activities are held during the year foreseeing the physical, intellectual and emotional needs of the young wards. Activity oriented programmes provide ‘Hands on’ experience, imparting pre-learning skills, allowing each child to develop at his or her own pace. Aesthetic awareness is created through music, dance, art and craft, a culmination of which is brought out during the religious and cultural celebrations. The school takes care of its tiny tots well throughout the day. The teachers in the class rooms, the supporting staff in and outside the class rooms, the nurse in the infirmary and the counselor cater to the wholesome care of the child.

The school aims at imparting a holistic perspective by creating an atmosphere that is intellectually & aesthetically stimulating. The high standard of teaching, the quality of facilities & the care stand unparalleled!.

At the end of our programme at TKM KINDERGARTEN, your child will: